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Sidney Hemmingmoore
About Sidney

Sidney was born in southern California.
Her happiest days were spent walking sandy bright  beaches. Picking up sand dollars and skipping over waves, jumping into the big Pacific Ocean  made the little girl very happy.  Exploring the cute little sea creatures in tide pools full of life with her family brought her great joy.  

As a teenager her family moved to Seattle Washington.
The dark grey skies gave her grief.  The impersonal school system hurt her sensitive soul.  Yet Sidney found joy skipping out of school.  She bombed down the ski slopes of Snoqualmie Pass during spring and winter.  Swimming across all the local lakes during summer, spring and fall made her so happy and free.

Sidney Hemmingmoore
Sidney Hemmingmoore

Sidney met her husband Dale at Bellevue College.
She needed him deeply.  They were married when she was 19.  Their life was an adventure.  They moved to sunny Spokane Washington.  She and her husband started Hemmingmoore’s Original Jewelers.  For 35 years they made customers happy creating the most beautiful fine designer jewelry available anywhere in the world!

They had 2 beautiful babies.
Heather born in 1984, and Dana born in 1990.  They are the joys of Sidney’s heart.  But alas, tragedy struck.  Sidney was afflicted with deadly, highly aggressive and invasive breast cancer when the baby was only 1 year of age.  She and Dale suffered greatly through the ordeal.  The cancer invaded the liver, making it end stage.  Yet, one fateful night the hand of God reached down from heaven.  Jesus invisibly blew cancer, death and despair out of her body.  Jesus had healed her in a miracle moment.  He also awakened her mind, soul and spirit in addition to removing all cancer from her mortal body in a flow from heaven.  She fell in love with Jesus.  She went from being an atheist who had mocked Jesus to being His faithful follower.

Sidney Hemmingmoore

Dale and Sidney continued raising their family.
Dale maintained the jewelry store.  Sidney discovered she had a call upon her life from Jesus.  God gave her a TV program and a radio program to tell of Jesus mercy and power and love.  She also discovered Health Secrets of the Bible at this time.  She has devoted her life to living a healthy life from the Oracles of God.

Sudden tragedy struck again.
In about 2008 she discovered her husband was struck with a horrible affliction.  He was in the midst of end stage terminal colon cancer.  Devastated Sidney lost everything.  Her husband of 35 years passed on to heaven.  She closed her jewelry store.  Also, she could not continue doing radio and tv ministry.  A grievous emotional breakdown happened to her.  Her life was devastated and crushed.  The loneliness inside so deeply hurt her.

Yet, Jesus came to her again to restore her.
This time He healed her in a vision.  This is the second time the Healer has touched her.  One day she was singing a love song to Jesus.  It’s called worship.  Her eyes were closed.  All of a sudden Jesus appeared in vision to her right.  She looked at Him.  He sat in an off white robe on a low stone bench.  Just big enough for 2 people to sit.  He called her to Him.  Next thing she knew in vision she was sitting next to Him.  Jesus sat next to her patting her on her right arm.  His touch gave her great physical comfort.  His human touch was like her Son comforting her, or her Teacher, or her Physician.  The touch conveyed, “There, there, everything will be all right.”  He brought the comfort of a human being to her.  Plus, at the same time He touched her as only God can touch a human being.  Sidney experienced an infusion flowing into her total being.  This healing quantum touch from the Hand of God flowed and flooded her total being with His power.  Her entire being was permeated, every nano particle.  Jesus was flooding into her spiritual being, her mental being, her physical being and into the depths of her soul also.   As Sidney sat there she experienced and received this power of God into her to heal her.  This power was about 99% mercy, and about 1% forgiveness.  Just what Sidney needed to live life again.  The vision experience started to lift.  She wanted it to last forever, to sit with Jesus forever.  Yet, Jesus decided she had been healed.  It was enough.  As the vision lifted her mind called out, “is this the mercy seat’?   Of course it was.  Sidney had received mercy once again from the Hand of Jesus.

Sidney becomes a young at heart world adventurer.
She was restored again.  Her children were grown up and living good, successful, loving  lives.  Yet deep inside Sidney was still grieving the loss of her husband.  Jesus wanted to be kind to her.  So God made a way for Sidney to travel the world with her daughter.  They walked the shores of the beaches of Australia, and did bush camp deep in the outback.  They spent Christmas in the volcanic hot springs in Iceland.  They also walked the volcanic hills and dells of New Zealand.  Fighting the crowds of London and walking the thousand year old streets of Northern Europe made Sidney very happy and healed her.    Today her children have given her 5 grandbabies.  Sidney is rich in love and joy today!  Perhaps the most sublime places she has walked in the world is the Valley of Armageddon and Mount Megiddo where the Second coming of Jesus will be in Israel.

Sidney Hemmingmoore

Sidney’s most profound visions.
Walking the streets and great heights of this world are nothing compared to the visions Jesus has taken her to.  Just to quickly name a few Sidney has looked into the loving eyes of the Savior twice.  The first time He talked to her she saw the saddest Man in the universe.  She stood in Eden, the Garden of God, in vision.  The love God made between Adam and Eve moved her more deeply than the exquisite delight of Eden itself.  She walked on the mountain of God taken to the future  during the restoration of all things, the millennium.  Among the trees and trails she experienced the manifest presence of the Love of God emanating like the waters covering the seas.  Sidney heard God crying in a dream once.  He is very sad.  He loves every human being and wants personal relationships.  Her most profound experience was when she was taken to the center of the universe.  At that time her eyes saw the glory of God on His great white throne.  She stood in the crystal sea of spirit and life which flows through the 7 spirits before His throne and animate the entire universe.  She saw the Lamb too.  She says like the prophet Isaiah said, “My eyes have seen the King, the LORD Almighty.” (Is.  6:5c)

Sidney Hemmingmoore
Sidney Hemmingmoore

Jesus has given her inspiration and happiness once again.
After a decade and a half of missing her husband Jesus has almost totally  healed her broken heart. Sidney looks forward to eternity in heaven some great day. She will see her husband once again.   Jesus has also inspired herein her senior years to make and create the most beautiful designer original fine  jewelry once again.  Jesus inspired her to write books.  God even gave her a website to tell the world about her first love Jesus.  The Master Jesus does save the best wine for last!  Her desire is for you to believe in Jesus and meet her in Paradise some great day with Jesus.

Sidney Hemmingmoore

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes;  there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”
(From Revelation 21:4b NKJV)

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Sidney Hemmingmoore
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