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Sidney Hemmingmoore
Sidney Hemmingmoore

Sidney Hemmingmoore

I didn’t choose to become a mystic.  I  got touched by the invisible hand of Jesus when I had end stage terminal cancer decades ago.  Jesus healed me in an instant miracle.  God simply chose to have mercy on a dying momma alone in my bedroom one night. Jesus poured healing power from above into me. He blew cancer out of me and I’ve been free ever since.  I’m simply a woman who loves God deeply and needs Jesus daily.

Then everyone will see The Son of Man (Jesus) coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 
(Lk 21:27, Mt 24:37c)

Sidney Hemmingmoore

Jesus came to me in a vision years later.  My babies grew up and have given me grandbabies now.  My husband passed away and lives in heaven now.  I was  sensing that I had done my job on earth and that my time was coming to go onto paradise. I was happy.   But Jesus had other plans for me.  A few years back as I sang songs of worship to the Lord He called me to come up to Him.  My eyes were closed and I immediately fell into a trance.  Jesus stood in front of me.  He looked deeply into me.  His love and acceptance in His soft warm brown eyes took my breath away.  He searched me.  He saw my good and bad and ugly.  Yet He loves and accepts me. 


Jesus loves you too.  I can sense Him calling you right now.  He knows you.  He went to death for you.  Jesus broke the power of death and rose again for you.  Become His believer and meet me in paradise some great day with Him.  You can believe in Him.  The fact that I’m alive today is proof of His love and existence.  The fact that you’re reading this now is Him calling you to come to Him this very moment.

… “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved”…  

(Acts 16:31 b)

Sidney Hemmingmoore

Jesus commissions me to tell of His “mercy, and grace, and forgiveness”.  So there I am standing face to face with Jesus as He searches me in visions of God.  Then Jesus starts to tell me what to do.  He didn’t use words.  He spoke to me with His thoughts.  And I heard Him.  “Sidney, I still have more for you to do.”  (I knew immediately He would renew my strength and give me many more years on earth.) “Tell, of My mercy.”  (Immediately I knew Jesus meant decades ago when He touched me, healed me, and gave my babies their mommas life back for them.)  “Tell of my grace.”  (It’s only God’s grace that I have a roof over my head or breath in my lungs.)  “And tell of My…”  (I waited and waited for what the God of the universe, the Savior of the world would say.  I knew it would be the most profound mystery of God that Jesus was about to reveal to me.) 

Finally Jesus said, “And tell of My forgiveness.”  

Sidney Hemmingmoore

I felt deflated.  Forgiveness?  The greatest mystery of God? Yes.  That meant I have to admit that I make mistakes in life and I’m not perfect.  I’m just a normal human being like everyone else who isn’t perfect.  That’s called sin.  We humans need Jesus/ God’s forgiveness.  Its that simple.  It doesnt mean someone’s a bad person.  It means every human being needs God’s forgiveness for our mistakes and our wrongs.  Thank God Jesus did go to the cross for that.  That’s the value of your soul, the value of my soul, is the very life blood of God Himself.  You are priceless to the One Who Created you.  God is love.

Jesus - Sidney Hemmingmoore

I gaze upon Jesus.  In vision as I look at this nondescript man in an off white robe with His unconditional love and acceptance the word “unfathomable” comes to me.  All of a sudden I realize this power of mercy, grace, and forgiveness was blown into the universe 2,000 years ago on the cross. In a supernatural sense my sins never happened.  It never stops, age after age, mercy, grace and forgiveness continues into the eternities.  I felt His overwhelming force of the flow of mercy, grace, and forgiveness like a mighty river flowing from heaven unfathomable forever.  Like the force of flow of water at the mouth of the Columbia River. 

“In Him we live and move and have our being.”
 Acts 17:28

Bible Scholar

Sidney Hemmingmoore
Bible Scholar

Death Comes Stalking! Sidney had felt death stalking her for about a decade.  At the age of about 28 she was assaulted and strangled and almost raped and murdered on the dark beaches of Santa Monica one horror filled night.  The murderer strangled her the harder she fought.  Sidney realized if he pressed just a fraction of an inch more on her throat she would be dead in an instant.  At that moment she realized the difference between life and death is just a second.

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