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Sidney Hemmingmoore
Sidney Hemmingmoore

Sidney Hemmingmoore

A Desperate and Dying Woman Cries out to God and Receives a Miracle.
In grief and despair, beyond human help and without hope Sidney and her Mom cried out to God. Sidney was dying of terminal invasive cancer in the liver. No more chemo could help. Her broken heart at leaving her babies behind was unbearable. Then, in an unexpected moment of mercy a miracle happened. A quantum touch healed her immediately. A miracle happened. A Divine Intervention came down from above with force and power and love. The invisible Hand of Jesus reached down from heaven. He touched her above her head. 

Sidney Hemmingmoore

Immediately the living healing power from Jesus Force flowed through her body like a warm river of hope and life. Instantly all cancer and death were blown out of her body from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.

Today, after receiving a quantum miracle healing from her own harrowing experience, Sidney inspires many towards hope, health and healing for this life into eternity. Like her you too can live a longer, stronger, healthier, and happier life with Health Secrets of the Bible. With God all things are possible!

Sidney Hemmingmoore

Sidney became a mystic when Jesus touched and healed her. She has made it her life long quest to discover how God designed humanity to live the longest, strongest healthiest life possible. Join Sidney on this great adventure in health!

Health Secrets of the Bible reveals specific health foods and healing practices from the Bible, all of which have been shown by modern science to increase health, happiness, and longevity. God given Health Secrets practiced by the ancients from millenia past. It gives timeless God breathed health information in an easy to follow, inspirational style. Every chapter is about a different specific health secret from the Oracles of God to help you maximize the health benefits of each and every day of your life!

Sidney Hemmingmoore
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Sidney’s Forthcoming book: A Mystic on a Health Quest

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